Protectorion Affiliate Partner Program

Earn money from your web site – quickly and easily. Become an affiliate partner and generate revenue 24/7 with your own web site. As an affiliate partner you share no commercial risk and are free to revoke your affiliation any time you wish to do so. Our affiliate program is directed not only toward webmasters of download- and content portals, blogs or forums but also toward webmasters of smaller sites. Everybody is welcome.


What does affiliate partner program mean?

After becoming an affiliate partner you can offer Protectorion for sale on your web site. We will provide the required links and banners for use on your own site. The links contain a unique affiliate code, which identifies you as our registered partner. Whenever a customer enters our web site by clicking on one of your links and purchases one of our products, you will receive your commission.


How high is my commission?

The actual value of your commission depends on various factors: Where do you position the link on your web site? How well does the content of your web site match our product? How many visitors does your web site have, and so on. Usually the commission is between 20% and 50%, in very special cases it can rise up to 70% of the netto sales price.


Why is Protectorion an interesting product?

Negative headlines concerning cyber crime, hackers and malware such as viruses and trojans flood the media today. More and more people develop a keen awareness about the importance of privacy protection on the net. Protectorion products provide the functionality required to protect confidential data such as files, folder contents and passwords in a simple and effective way. Thus every person who is aware of the potential dangers lurking on  the internet and who wishes to counteract data espionage and theft is a potential customer.


What is the Cleverbridge AG?

The Cleverbridge AG is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world, and it supports us in our cooperation with affiliate partners worldwide. Our affiliate partners are offered the possibility to check their revenues any time in the Cleverbridge Affiliate Center. Also, all commision payments are carried out directly by Cleverbridge.


Become an affiliate now!

The Protectorion products are a success already! Numerous downloads and purchases prove that our software satisfies customers throughout the world. If you want to be a part of our success become an
affiliate partner and get your share of every single sale on your web site.

It’s really easy! If you are not yet a partner you can apply in just a few steps here. Click on this link:

After your application is approved you will receive an e-mail with the following content:

1. Links and banners for selling Protectorion to be placed on your web site
2. A personal login to the affiliate center (contains all benchmarks and returns):

As soon as you incorporate the link and the banner on your web site you start making money!