Protectorion file encryption via drag & drop

Protectorion file encryption via drag & drop

Just like a traditional safe, objects are only protected when they are physically inside of the Protectorion safe.

In order to protect data it is therefore necessary to first copy the data to Protectorion. Data is copied with Protectorion in the same manner as you are used to in Windows.

Drag files and folders with the mouse from Windows to Protectorion (Drag & Drop) or use copy and paste (CTRL + C and CTRL + V). Protectorion now copies the selected data.

After the data is successfully copied you will see it in Protectorion. It is automatically encrypted and also immediately protected with a 40 character safe key.

Without this safe key access to the data in Protectorion is impossible. After the data is copied to Protectorion, it still exists in Windows as before. The original data in Windows (source data) is located outside of Protectorion and is not protected.

If you erase the source data, it will be permanently deleted in Windows. It is not possible to recover the data in Windows, even with special software. Your data now only exists in the file safe and is protected there.