Working with the Password Safe

Working with the Password Safe

The Password Safe manages your user names and passwords for email accounts, online banking, Twitter, Facebook, etc. All data in the password safe are automatically encrypted and saved in the password safe with AES 256 bit. The data – like the data in file safe – is protected by your master password for Protectorion. The Password Safe saves all password entries and protects them with your master password for Protectorion. Instead of keying in usernames and passwords on the keyboard, you can simply copy them into the appropriate login field.

In the Password Safe you can create password entries. These password entries contain your usernames and passwords. The password entries can be organized into password groups. You can create a password entry with New password… (Right-click/New password…). By selecting the password you can modify it (Right-click/Lock, Rename, Delete) and save usernames, passwords and also the corresponding login address (e.g. a website). Additionally, you have the option to make notes and record an email addresses for these password entries.New password group… (Right-click/ New password group…) allows you to create folders in the password safe, in which you can better organize your password entries. Select the password group to edit it (Right-click/Rename, Delete).

All functions can also be executed from Main menu Password as well as from the Toolbar.Password entries can be moved by dragging them with the mouse (Drag & Drop) from one password group to another.

With the help of the Password Safe you can quickly and easily sign in everywhere. It is not necessary to enter in usernames and passwords via the keyboard, instead simply copy and paste them in the designated fields (Fast Login). Open the login address (e.g. website) where you want to sign in by clicking on the link in the password safe (above in the Quick access bar). You can copy your username and password directly from the Quick access bar in Windows clipboard and then paste it into the necessary field.

For security reasons usernames and passwords are automatically deleted from the Windows clipboard 15 seconds after they are copied to the password safe. Under Delete Clipboard you can manually set how long the data stays on Windows clipboard before it is automatically deleted. The options are after 10, 15 or 20 seconds.