FAQ data security

1. What is AES 256 bit encryption?

The Advanced Encryption Standard 256 bit is recognized as secure encryption method and used world-wide by government agencies and corporations.

2. Why does Protectorion offer maximum security?

Protectorion protects all data and passwords with an automatically generated key, which consists of 40 (!) characters (randomly chosen upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters).

Example: )Wkv~d8\}G+EtmkL+@miXnyu$kwJh1U-p6q_9%~V

It is practically impossible to decrypt data that is encrypted with a 40-digit key. Even with the most modern hardware, it would take centuries to crack!

3. Do I need to remember this 40-digit key?

No, Protectorion generates and manages this automatically in the background.

4. Is the key saved to the cloud or the network?

No, neither encrypted nor unencrypted! Therefore it is impossible for other users of the cloud service or network to gain access to the key.

5. Why can Protectorion be operated without Windows administrator rights?

In particular, staff working for private companies operates Windows under restricted user rights for security purposes. This considerably increases the security of the operating system.

6. How do I know that Protectorion is actually using AES 256 bit?

The part of the source code of Protectorion, which is responsible for encryption, is publicly available and always accessible.