FAQ purchase & license

1. How can I acquire a license for the relevant full version?

You can purchase a license for the full version at any time through our webshop. The webshop is managed by our e-commerce partner, Cleverbridge Inc.

2. What is Cleverbridge, Inc.?

Cleverbridge, Inc. is one of the largest and most well-known e-commerce providers. The company has offices in Germany and the United States.

3. Which full version editions do you offer and how do they compare?

An overview of the different full version editions is found on our Webshop.

4. Can I upgrade the Protectorion Free Edition to a full version?

Ja, Yes, after purchasing a license key for a full version, simply enter the license key into the free edition to activate the respective full version.

5. How do I obtain a license key for a full version?

After purchasing the license key, it is immediately displayed, and is also sent to you via email shortly afterward, along with the invoice.

6. Where do I enter the license key for Protectorion PC?

In the Protectorion Safe Manager, click on the License tab. Type your name and license key exactly as it is written in the email from Cleverbridge in the corresponding fields.

7. My license key is not accepted. What should I do?

Please recheck that you entered the name of the license holder and license key exactly as it is written in the email from Cleverbridge. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact us at info@protectorion.com.

8. Why do I only get a license key and not any software when purchasing the license?

Additional software is not necessary. Only the license key is needed to unlock the Protectorion Free Edition.